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Why do I have a negative account balance and/or high/low reimbursement check?

  1. In the first two to three billing periods it is common to have low collection rates while tenants are adjusting their budgets and getting questions answered regarding their first bills.
  2. If the property pays the account setup charge instead of billing this to the tenants this will automatically be added to the reimbursement account and will be deducted from utility collections first.
  3. If multiple tenants pay their bill late, or not at all in a particular billing period late charges are added to the reimbursement account and will be deducted from the reimbursement until the tenant account is paid. This is the number one reason for the sometimes large variances in reimbursement checks from one month to another.
  4. It a tenant pays their bill after a given billing period it will be included in the next reimbursement.
  5. If you have a property with submeters and we have performed maintenance or paid for annual fees on your behalf these costs will be added to the property reimbursement account and deducted from the reimbursements until paid in full.



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